As an active mom-to-be, you want to make sure you have all the
correct knowledge when it comes to your health and well-being --
and of course, that of your baby's as well!

Be sure to claim your copy of my Pre-natal Yoga Resource Guide (above) today to get started.

My over-riding goal is to help you stay fit and fabulous throughout your entire pregnancy so you'll have abundant *health* *energy* *strength* *stamina* *mental well-being* and *cheerful outlook* to be the best mom -- and woman -- you can be!


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Do's and Don'ts of Pregnancy Yoga
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ATTENTION: New Moms-to-be!

Whether you're new to yoga or have been doing it for years, you'll love this gorgeous, uplifting, inspiring and engaging pre-natal yoga series designed specifically to keep you fit and fabulous throughout your entire pregnancy!

Caution: Don't risk your baby's health to just "any" yoga DVD!

When you're pregnant, not just any yoga instruction will do -- you need to take certain precautions to make sure you're practicing yoga in a way that is safe and effective. BABY ON BOARD Pre-Natal Yoga has been approved by leading OB/GYN Dr. Melissa Martinez-Adorno, M.D. as being suitable for all stages of pregnancy, so you'll have peace of mind knowing you're taking good care of yourself -- and your baby!

Created by America's top mind/body wellness expert Peggy Hall, who is a certified yoga instructor and creator of the best-selling Yoga for Surfers DVD series, BABY ON BOARD contains two separate yoga routines that you can mix and match...and you don't even have to be a surfer to benefit from this feel-good style of yoga!

You deserve to take time just for yourself to strengthen, stretch and soothe your cares away with this gorgeous, uplifting, inspiring and engaging yoga series designed specifically for YOU!

Peggy carefully designed the sequences, but she is teaching “live” and unscripted, so you’ll feel as if you’re in a class right alongside Melinda, with Peggy as your own personal pre-natal yoga instructor!

Join Melinda Ferreira at six months pregnant as she is led by acclaimed yoga instructor Peggy Hall (who has been dubbed "America's Ultimate Wellness Expert" by Woman's World Magazine) through two different yoga classes. Yes, Peggy planned out these sequences carefully, but she is teaching live and unscripted, so you'll feel like you are right there alongside Melinda in a class designed especially for you!

You'll find that Peggy's clear, encouraging instruction will leave you feeling renewed, alive, nourished, happy and healthy! What more could you ask for?

BABY ON BOARD Pre-Natal Yoga keeps you fit and fabulous throughout your entire pregnancy!

This gorgeous program contains two complete routines on one disc, along with valuable, exclusive Bonus Features! Just push play, and enjoy time to yourself to stretch, strengthen and de-stress. You deserve it!


Program One: Energizing Sequence

25 minutes of invigorating moves that banish fatigue, reduce aches and pains, and keep your muscles strong and supple. You'll swap out stress for strength -- and replace exhaustion with exhilaration! Includes "Open to Life" Guided Meditation.

Program Two: Soothing Sequence 

25 minutes of calming, soothing poses that are as good for the mind and body as they are for the soul. Perfect when all you want are stretchy, feel-good moves that leave you feeling pampered and peaceful during this amazing phase of life!


Plus, these Exclusive Bonus Features:

1. "Why do Yoga During Pregnancy?" Go behind the scenes with Peggy & Melinda for extra pre-natal yoga tips!

2. "Yoga Breathing to Ease Discomfort": Learn the ancient practice of "ujjayi" breathing to de-stress and find an ocean of calm.

3. "Melinda's Scrapbook": See how she grows! And meet her bouncing baby! Enjoy original music by Jadon Lavik as he performs "Nothing Compares," providing an upflifting, heart-warming atmosphere. Get out the hankies!

4. "Book of Blessings" Meditation: Develop gratitude for the here-and-now, and all of the blessings yet to come!

BABY ON BOARD total running time: 70 minutes. Plays worldwide; no regional coding.



Inside your DVD is a "Best 5 Pre-Natal Yoga Poses" laminated reference card that you can take with you anywhere, anytime, for instant feel-good yoga-on-the-go! It's our gift to you to make sure you have everything you need to stay relaxed and energized during this important time of life.




IMPORTANT NOTE:  BABY ON BOARD has been deemed safe and suitable during pregnancy by leading OB/GYN Dr. Melissa Martinez-Adorno, M.D. of Women's Care of Nashua, NH

"Staying fit and active while you're pregnant makes all the difference, and BABY ON BOARD Pre-Natal Yoga helps you do just that. I feel confident recommending this pre-natal yoga program as a way to ease and support the body as it changes during pregnancy."

~ Dr. Melissa Martinez-Adorno, M.D., Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists


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All orders are processed the day they are received and are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, with delivery as fast as 2-4 business days (US orders) and 6-12 business days (international delivery).

Prefer to order by phone? Simply call our yoga DVD order hotline at 949-362-9362. We'd love to talk to you!

All orders are covered by our 100% no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Don't like it? We'll cheerfully and promptly refund your purchase price (less shipping) -- and you can keep the DVD as our gift to you. Bottom line? Your order is RISK-FREE. So don't put it off -- order today and start feeling better right away!





Not sure if this is right for you? 

Think in terms of how much you'd spend taking a yoga class in person. The studio where I teach (Ritual Yoga Arts in Laguna Beach, CA) charges $21 per class...and that's just for one class.

When you purchase BABY ON BOARD Pre-Natal Yoga for $24.95, you actually save money, time and hassle:

 - You don't have to spend the gas (not to mention the time) to drive to the yoga studio

 - You can use the DVD over and over again, making the cost of each "class" with me only pennies

 - You can pause, re-wind and re-play the parts that you enjoy the most

 - You can practice in the comfort of your own home

 - You can do the DVD when it's convenient for you; not at the whim of the yoga studio schedule

 - You can do as little or as much yoga as you like, without worrying what other people might be thinking

 - You can use the program after delivery (when your doctor clears you for exercise)

 - You can pass the DVD along as a thoughtful gift to a pregnant friend when you're ready to order BABY ON BOARD Post-Natal Yoga  -- to get your pre-baby body back (or even better!)

...In short, investing in BABY ON BOARD saves you money in the short-term and saves your health and well-being in the long term! And it's 100% risk-free. Pretty much a no-brainer when you think about it. :)

You and your baby are worth it!

P.S. You don't want to risk your baby's health by taking a yoga class from someone who is not qualified or experienced in teaching pre-natal yoga. Instead, BABY ON BOARD has been deemed safe and suitable during pregnancy by leading OB/GYN Dr. Melissa Martinez-Adorno, M.D., so peace of mind is yours!

Click here to order now

"Make the most of this magical time of life for you and your growing baby. You deserve it!" ~ Peggy Hall

"This is the time for self-care and self-appreciation. Yes, your body is changing, but don't fight it -- embrace it! Taking care of yourself while you're pregnant makes it so much easier afterwards!" ~ Melinda Ferreira


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